Brittney is Turning 26 This Month!

We are so happy and excited about Brittney's 26th Birthday coming up on March 18th. She is doing well and stronger than ever!

Here is an update of the past couple of years...

1) We learned that in addition to Prolong QT, Brittney was also diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure at 45%. It has not progressed nor has she displayed any physical symptoms as a result. She had to lose weight and to date has lost about 35-40 lbs.

2) Brittney's G-tube was removed last year because she is now about to eat and drink on her own and well enough to intake full daily nutrients.

3) The Sickle Cell is under control and she has not had a crisis in years. She's doing well and always get great reports at doctor visits.

Overall, Brittney is great! She's always in great spirits. She loves music and getting kisses (she loved those before the injury).

We will celebrate Brittney's 26th birthday with dinner with family and friend. We are so excited about what this new year in her life wil…

Brittney's Birthday + Updates Coming

We haven't posted much on Brittney's blog in a while, but we will begin posting updates again very soon! Brittney is going great! She turned 22 years old in March of this year and here is a video. Enjoy!

Also, here are a few pics of Brittney looking just as pretty as ever!

Prayer focus:

We are continue to pray and believe God that Brittney will walk independently as well as talk consistently. Also, we will be going to Atlanta to begin her Hyperberic treatments soon. Pray that she does well and will receive the maximum results in each treatment she receives. She will also begin attending a day program this year, so please pray for resources to make it possible and pray that she has a smooth transition into a new environment.

Thank you,

The Williams Family

Brittney's Graduation Video

Despite the many trials over the past three years, Brittney graduated from high school on May 23rd. We know her late mom, LaQuanda Y. Williams, is very proud of her.

Brittney Walking in the Pool

Today while at water therapy, Brittney walked in the pool by herself with no assistance whatsoever! God is so amazing!!!

Brittney in Water Therapy.... God is Good!


Brittney Chillin' at School Today


Brittney's Prom at BJCC

April 12, 2011 with the Burkett Center School